Using Your Extension


Activate the BestOnlineBrowserTools Menu

As you browse, click the floating button to the right of your window.


Select Your Widget

Several useful widgets will appear. Click the option that you'd like to use - that's it!


Closing the Menu

To minimize the menu of widgets, click the arrow to bring it back to a floating button.

Managing Your Extension


Access BestOnlineBrowserTools

Simply click on the floating button to the right of your browser to open the menu.


How to Disable the Action Button

To disable the action button from your browser, click the settings icon. Next, a menu with available options will appear.


To Enable the Action Button

Easily bring the button back by clicking the BestOnlineBrowserTools icon on your toolbar.

Featured Tools

Everything you need to for the most efficient browsing experience is just one click away.

List Browser Apps

View and manage all of your apps in a centralized space.

Blue Light Filter

Turn on a blue light filter, helping you to get a better night’s rest.

List Browser Bookmarks

Search through previously bookmarked web pages.

Password Manager

Keep all your passwords safe, organized and updated regularly.

Recent Downloads

View all recently downloaded files in an instant.

List Browser Extensions

Manage your extensions with ease.

Open Incognito Window

Privacy is key! Keep your browsing private by easily opening an Incognito Window.

Print Current Page

Like what you see on a current web page? Print it and keep it on your desktop!

Open New Tab

Open a new tab and continue browsing without losing currently opened tabs.

Change Search Engine

Easy way to change the search engine used in the address bar.

Restore Last Tab

Have you closed the last tab by mistake? Quickly restore it with this option.

Manage Notifications

Customize the behavior of notifications that websites send you.

Update Browser

Check if there is an update available; it's always essential to keep your browser updated!

Open CCBot Web Store

Easily navigate to CCBot Web Store

Focus Audible Tab

Hearing audio coming from your browser but can’t find it? Quickly focus tab that plays audio.


Easily find the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) tax forms you need.


Get quick access to well-known email platforms.

Social media

Easy access to all your social networks.


Create a list of your favorite travel sites.


Enjoy all your gaming sites and links in one place.